Dark Splatters are enemies in Kid Icarus: The Spider Queen.


Dark Splatters are medium-sized blobs of black slime with stars and nebulae orbiting inside it. It has one large red eye on its front. It also leaves a trail of purple slime behind it.


Dark Splatters move in set patterns along the floor,leaving trails of purple slime. This trail leaves holes in the floor, which slowly regenerate. If an item touches the Dark Splatter, it will be absorbed into it. If Pit or Dark Pit touches it, it acts like a Chomp Trap.

Dark Splatters have no notable weakboints, like Monoeyes.


Dark Splatters appear first in Chapter 13 of Pit's story and Chapter 18 of Dark Pit's story.

Pit's IntroductionEdit

(Dark Splatter appears.)

Palutena: Wait, what is THAT doing here?!

Arachne: Meet the Dark Splatter. I got 'em for a discount price from an old friend. He's nice, but has zero luck. Guy gets beat up by...

Pit: Forget him! Lady Palutena, what do I do?

Palutena: These guys are made of antimatter. Anything they touch dissolves.

Pit: Gulp.

Palutena: Don't worry! My power will protect you from dissolving completely.

Arachne: Emphasis on "completely."

Pit: I'll stay away then.

Dark Pit's IntroductionEdit

(Before entering room)

Dark Pit: Y'know, Viridi? I'm not usually one to say this, but I'm genuinely freaked out right now.

Viridi: Same here. Tartarus is the realm of nightmares. Last time I was here, I was attacked by an Antasm swarm,

Dark Pit: Why'd you come here? I highly doubt it was for some milk and cookies.

(Dark Splatter appears.)

Viridi: Forget it. Meet the Dark Splatter.

Dark Pit: Is this in any way related to Tartarus?

Tartarus: No. They are part of the Underworld Army, though I borrowed a few for thisssss sssspecial occasssion.

Viridi: Don't let 'em touch you, Dark Pit. They'll suck you into an antimatter dimension.

Tartarus: I'm sssure you'll appreciate that black little ssstar.

Dark Pit: Sounds like a real blast. I'll keep that in mind.

Idol DescriptionEdit

Dark Splatters were added to the Underworld Army after their leader was defeated. Hailing from a black star in another dimension, they consist entirely of a special blend of dark matter and antimatter. Apparently, Dark Splatters once had possesion capabilities, but Skyworld and Overworld beings are too complex to do so on.

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