Dark Pit
Dark Pit, was created in Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit, when it was making an evil copy of Pit. Dark Pit, is not totoally evil, but actually based on Pit's hidden dark side, since Pit cracked the mirror before it could make a complete copy.

Face KickingEdit

This is influenced by Pit since Pit kicked the Mirror of Truth, creating Dark Pit. Also becomes one Dark Pit's attacks, when he kills the underworld gatekeeper. Though twice it becomes apparent face kicking is effective, Palutena still tells Dark Pit that face kicking isn't always the most efficient way to go.

Cheap ShotsEdit

This is influenced by Pandora since she always likes to get cheap shots. 

Signature WeaponsEdit

Ogre Club: Used in the underground temple in Level 6

Dark Pit Staff: Used in the cliff portion in Level 6.

Silver Bow: Used in the final battle of Level 6, and becomes Dark Pit's signature weapon