Daggers are fan-made weapons introduced in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. They are only usable by Dark Pit and always come in pairs.


Daggers, like Orbitars and Claws, always come in pairs. Daggers have high melee power but low range. They speed up Dark Pit when equipped. Daggers also have a high probability of inflicting an enemy with Poison.


Thief DaggersEdit

The standard Daggers. These Daggers give the user a good speed boost, but lack in ranged power.

Stealth DaggersEdit

Daggers that are nearly invisible and boosts Dark Pit's speed more than any other Daggers. However, the shots it fires are weaker than most, trading power for stealth.

Hades DaggersEdit

Daggers crafted by Hades himself out of obsidian from the depths of the Underworld. These Daggers have extremely powerful ranged power and a chance of Burning an enemy.

Aurum DaggersEdit

These Daggers were created from shards of a ruined Aurum base. They decrease Dark Pit's power, but give him a nice speed boost.