Chronos is the Titan of Time who first appears in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. Not a single God but Hephaestus had heard of him before he is introduced in the story. Chronos was unhappy with the way humans were treating the Titans before the Gods came to be, so when they Gods were born he took the name Hades and disguised himself as one of the other Gods. He apparently had foreseen the war between Nyx and the other Gods and asked for Hephaestus's help in relaying the message to the angels. He also implants a vision in Arlon's mind which eventually leads the angels to Hephaestus, demonstrating his amazing powers.

Chronos's Symbol


Chronos is a large musclular man, appearing to be in his mid-fifties. His fashion sense is very anachronistic, and features articles of clothing from multiple time periods. He carries around a large battle-axe, a belt holding grenades, and a laser pistol. These weapons clash violently with each other, but give him an extremely menacing look.


Chronos, being weighed down by every time strand in existence, is very forgetful and clumsy. At times he even seems delusional. However, sometimes he is able to overcome the "Weight of Time," as he calls it, and puts on a serious tone, during which he is an extremely valuable strategist.


Chronos, being the ruler of time, has the stereotypical power to travel through time, as well as accelerating, slowing, and stopping time. He can also show people the past as well as possible versions of the future. Chronos also demonstrates the amazing ability to plant thoughts in people's minds. Chronos commands an army made up of soldiers from different eras, and since he acted as Lord of the Underworld, he controls the Underworld Army as well.