The Chaos Monster is an ancient beast accidentally awakened by Pit in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. It bears a small resemblance to the Chaos Kin.


The Chaos Monster is a giant snake-like monster with an armored hide and large bat wings. It has a large single eye that takes up its entire face. The monster has one small arm with a three-fingered hand, and one arm with a large crab-like claw. The end of the beast's tail splits into five whiplike strands. Each strand has a mouth at the end and a mind of its own.


The Chaos Monster has shown a wide variety of abilities. It can fly with the large bat wings on its back and, despite its size, is quite nimble. Its smaller, whiplike tails can be extended to very far lengths, and the mouths at the end of each tail can extract a person's soul. A wide range of attacks can be shot from its large eye, such as lightning. It also has the power to freeze people by looking at them (it can only slow angels due to their divine protection). Once slowed, a person has their soul stolen and devoured.