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The Chaos Kin is a strange creature, looking to be a cross between a moth and a scorpion.
Chaos army symbol

The Chaos Kin's symbol

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Kid Icarus: The Mother GoddessEdit

In The Mother Goddess, the Chaos Kin is thought to be the main antagonist for the first few chapters, until it is revealed that it was working for Nyx. In The Mother Goddess, the Chaos Kin's ashes fused with the Aurum Brain, and had taken Pit prisoner until Dark Pit and Orphus freed him. The Chaos Kin is a component of the game's final boss, along with the Chaos Monster.

Kid Icarus: Being of the MirrorEdit

The Chaos Kin leads the Chaos Army, and still replicates other enemies, as well as flawed clones of Pit and Dark Pit, although they have gained use of all their weapons now. It is shown to share it's home (the Chaos Vortex) with other beasts,like the Chimaera. Dark Pit, Viridi and Phosphora try to re-capture it in the Thunder Cloud Temple, although it manages to take over Phosphora. Pit then defeats it, because Dark Pit can't bear to hurt Phosphora.

Kid Icarus: Defender of LightEdit

The Chaos Kin returns in Kid Icarus Defender of Light, but is not known to be a main antagonist until until Chapter 22. In chapter 4 the Chaos Kin was retrieved by Orcos from a rift inside of a ruin temple. The practically dead Chaos Kin was used to generate energy using a cursed urn from an ancient pyramid. As the Chaos Kin generated the Underworld Army to create troops using less souls, making troop production more efficient, It gathered enough energy to escape and take over Hades. It fed off of his endless soul supply, giving it boundless energy. Controlling Hades, it pretended to not exist, using its own power to take over Palutena, Viridi, and Zeus in Chapter 20, only not hiding its identity until discovered, initially framing . Upon being defeated in combat, Uranos is broken from the Chaos Kin's control, telling Pit and Dark Pit about the Chaos Kin. In Chapter 23, Pit and Dark Pit use the Space Pirate Ship in pursuit of the Chaos Kin.