Chaos army symbol

The Chaos Army's symbol

The Chaos Army is a new army appearing in different fanmade games. The different games take it on different paths, have different leaders for it, etc.

Kid Icarus: Being of the Mirror Edit

The Chaos Army is the army lead by the Chaos Kin. It has Moonlight Angels and Daylight Angels, as well as consumed people and cloned troops from the Underworld Army, the Forces of Nature and Palutena's Army. Magnus gets consumed early on. The Chaos Kin has allies which act like commanders (like Arlon and Hewdraw from Uprising), These are all new characters (I will put them on, just need to think of them) and talk for
Moonlight pit

Moonlight Angel

the mute Chaos Kin. Chimaera, a creature is a member of The Chaos Army. She has a lioness' body, a goat's head and a poisonous snake's tail. She can, amazingly, talk and understand Chaos Kin's language. She resides in the Chaos Vortex, only coming out ocansionally.

Kid Icarus: The Mother GoddessEdit

In The Mother Goddess, the Chaos Army is at first created by the Chaos Kin, when it is destroyed, however, Nyx continues to create troops. At first, the Chaos Army is merely made up of clones of the Underworld Army, Forces of Nature, and the Aurum, as well as some fusions of the three (an example is the Aurum Gaol). However, when Nyx begins to supply for the army, it is made up of many new monsters that have never been seen before.