Boombles are enemies in Kid Icarus: The Spider Queen.


Boombles are clown-like monsters in the Underworld Army. They have a purple-and-black checkered pattern on their bodies, and a purple-and-black jester hat. They also have a single eye and disembodied glove-like hands.


Boombles attack by throwing bombs. However, they first need to stand still in order to spawn some, apparently from another dimension. Once they have a full load (3 bombs), they will start juggling them. While juggling, they will toss the bombs at the player. Once all 3 are used up, it will summon some more.

Boombles' main weakpoints are the period of time while they are summoning bombs, as they are incapable of attack. If you shoot down the bombs as they are juggling, you can force them to stop and spawn more. Clubs are also capable of knocking the bombs back.


Boombles first appear in Chapter 6 in Pit's story and Chapter 4 of Dark Pit's story.

Pit's IntroductionEdit

(Boomble appears.)

Pit: Ok, what the heck is that thing?

Palutena: That's a Boomble, apparently. They're a new member of the Underworld army.

Pit: Who'd let that thing into an army?

Arachne: The person who wanted a bomber that didn't actually explode.

Pit: Yeah, why is that?

Palutena: Why is what?

Pit: Why is it that every video game has to have an exploding enemy?

Palutena: We'll talk about this later. Just try shooting down the Boomble's bombs before he has a chance to throw them.

Dark Pit's IntroductionEdit

(Boomble appears.)

Dark Pit: A clown? Seriously?

Viridi: I know, right? The Underworld is really losing their edge.

Dark Pit: There's got to be a gimmick to it....

Viridi: Well, it's called a Boomble. You fill in the blanks.

Dark Pit: Yet another exploding enemy?

Viridi: No, but it's got a ton of bombs. Here's a tip: Shoot the bombs, and it'll stand still and try to get more. Then, WHALE ON IT!

Dark Pit: No need to yell....

Idol DescriptionEdit

Don't think that the Boomble is a harmless clown. These clowns can summon bombs from another dimension to toss at their foes. While they serve as deadly bombers in the day, Boombles serve as comedians in the Underworld Midnight Happy Hour Show. They really knock 'em dead.


  • Boomble's name is a pun on "Boom" and "Bumble".

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