The Biota Cannon resembles an Aurum Biota without floating orbs. Its charged shot (standing or dashing in any direction) is a red Biota orb that explodes quickly on contact with a foe. Its continuous fire (standing or dashing in any direction) is a series of green Biota orbs that do not explode.

All of its shots have exceptionally low speed and exceptionally high homing, like the fire of an actual Biota. Dashing can increase the speed of the shots but does not appreciably increase their power. Also, the strength of the shots is above average for cannons and weapons as a whole. Its continuous fire can be roughly compared to that of the End-All Arm in terms of speed, power and homing ability. Its weight is average for a cannon, slowing the user but providing decent melee attacks.

Idol Description Edit

The Biota Cannon behaves just like its inspiration, firing powerful but slow shots. A little practice allows its wielder to take advantage of its devastating charged shot, which hounds foes before blasting them with a powerful explosion!

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