The Binary Orbitars resemble two small stars, hence being named after a binary star system. Their standing charged shot is two red fireballs. Their forward-dash charged shot is two blue fireballs, as are its side-dash charged shots. Its backward-dash charged shot is a black hole that has no attractive power like the Black Hole power but does massive damage. Its continuous fire (standing or dashing in any direction) is a series of white, glowing orbs meant to look like white dwarf stars.

The shots from this weapon use the most diverse collection of sound effects. Its fireball shots make burning sounds, its black hole shot makes poison sounds and its continuous fore sounds like Aurum fire. Its charged shots (save the black hole) and its melee attacks burn foes half the time. Its black hole shot can damage an enemy multiple times. Also, its melee strength is far above average for orbitars.

Idol Description Edit

Hot, hot, hot! These stellar orbitars fire charged shots with the potential to turn enemies into solar flares. It's a good thing they don't float too close to Pit - otherwise, he might flare up himself!

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