Andrew is Pit's biggest fan and also belongs to Posieden as a angel. he appears in Kid Icarus: The Four Heroes. he, due to a incredible power, and a incredible curse, he was grounded under the sea for 7 years.

Attitude: Andrew is normally happy and upbeat in almost any situation no matter how bleak. he is very curious, due to being trapped underwater. he sometimes gets touchy about his past, and will freak out. every once in a while, he'll randomly go mad and attack everything, even his friends and allies. more info coming soon.

history: when Andrew was born, he was cursed by his own mother, Medusa. being born with a incredible gift, as well as the afore mentioned curse, he brought trouble wherever he went, always by accident. he went to the underworld once, but was trapped in the arena, and destroyed Pandora's body by accident. he was called back to the seafloor, to be grounded until he joined pit.

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