Aether's Symbol

Aether is the God of the Atmosphere making his debut in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. He has been uninvolved in earth's affairs for millennia, as he is the Protector of the Cosmos and was busy with revolts in other galaxies. However, he hears Orpheus praying to him, and grants him angelhood and instructs him to help Palutena and Viridi. Aether is a good friend of Hephaestus.


Aether, unlike most other Gods, does not wear a robe or tunic. Instead, he wears a full set of gold and white armor. Aether considers himself to be "trendy," and therefore has a soul patch and an earring in his left ear.


Aether is extremely full of himself and confident in his abilities. As a result of this, he is quite a showoff, especially when there are Goddesses around for him to impress. Despite this and his intimidating appearance, he is very kind-hearted and will go out of his way to help humans, as shown when he heals Orpheus.

Aether seems to have a similar sense of humor to that of Palutena, as in Chapter 23 he makes the same "barbecued angel" joke that Palutena made in Chapter 2 of Uprising. This also symbolizes how long he has been "out of the loop."


Aether, being the God of the Atmosphere, has many different powers. He is able to form a protective bubble of air around Orphus for when he travels in space or underwater. He can also reverse this effect and suffocate people. If he were to leave his sanctuary in the cosmos, he would be able to glide perfectly. He is also a proficient weapons specialist, and can use any weapon to his advantage.